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When I started this website I intended to summarize ALL of the most exciting and up-to-date research regarding celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity that I came across on obviously didn't happen due to time constraints. But, I have discussed many of the major celiac research findings in my posts since 2012. I have organized my articles by category so that you may select the articles and topics that interest you. Please bear in mind that the information in each post I have included is up-to-date as of the original date of posting, not the current date. Thank you!

Breast Feeding and Infant Feeding:

"Early Feeding and Risk of Celiac Disease in a Prospective Birth Cohort."

"Introducing Gluten to the Baby At-Risk for Celiac Disease."

"The Prevent CD Study."

"Introducing Gluten to the Baby At-Risk for Celiac Disease (2014 update)"


"Celiac Disease and Depression"


"Celiac Disease and Endometriosis."

Joint Pains/Arthritis/Arthralgias and Celiac:

"Celiac Disease can be a Pain in the Joint."

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome:

"Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Madness."

Neurologic Signs and Symptoms of Celiac Disease:

"The Effects of Gluten on the Brain and Nervous System."

"My, Oh My, Peripheral Neuropathy."

"Gluten-Related Neurologic Symptoms in Children."

Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity:

"Gluten Intolerance can actually be Subclinical Celiac Disease."

"Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity in Children."

"What Now? Wheat Sensitivity."

"The Latest and Greatest on Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity."


"Celiac Disease Pathology"

Pediatric Celiac Disease:

"Celiac Disease in Children."

"Should your Child be Screened for Celiac Disease?"

"Update on Celiac Disease Screening in Infants and Toddlers."

"Gluten-Related Neurologic Symptoms in Children."

"Frequency of Screening for Celiac Disease in Children with Siblings and/or Parents with Celiac Disease"

"Celiac Disease Autoimmunity"

"Update on Pediatric Celiac Disease from the University of Chicago 12/2014"

"Which Children Should Be Tested For Celiac Disease?"

"Potential" and "Latent" Celiac Disease:

"Potential Celiac Disease."

"ICDS 2013: The Celiac Iceberg Revisited."


"Celiac Disease and Pregnancy."

"Let's Talk about Celiac Disease and Infertility."

"Pregnancy risk factors for the development of celiac disease"


"Probiotics and Celiac Disease."

Risk Factors for the Development of Celiac Disease:

"Risk Factors for Celiac Disease."

"CDGEMM Study: An effort to understand why celiac disease develops (and what can be done to prevent it)"

Thyroid Problems and Celiac Disease:

"Celiac Disease and the Thyroid Gland."

Treatments for Celiac Disease:

"Potential Future Celiac Treatments"

"Interleukin-15 and Celiac Disease"


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